Getting the best out of Baker's Friend
Perfect for most kinds of baking

Used correctly, Baker’s Friend smells and tastes just like real butter in your finished product. For optimum results when using Baker’s Friend, please follow these simple guidelines:


  • Store at ambient room temperature, ideally over 18oC – do not refrigerate!

  • Temper product to around 20oC before use.

  • If your process requires pre-heating before introducing other ingredients, mix at around 30-40oC.

  • When using in dough, BF can be left overnight at ambient temperatures.

  • As with any oil or fat, do not over heat or boil to the point where the product starts to smoke.

  • Cooking or frying at low or medium temperatures (up to 150oC) will produce excellent results.

  • BF is ideal for glazing and brushing, to enhance the delicious buttery flavour and aroma.

  • BF can be blended with butter or other fats to achieve the desired results.